We had the great priveledge of having our good friend Roger Powell from the Todd Rungren band, Utopia, join us for the Kuumbwa Jazz Center gig and other venues.  Check it out under our music section or on YouTube and dig Roger's vibe at Wavelength Live at the Kuumbwa. Roger, you are the man.

Roger Powell

​Gary was drawn to play the flute through Ian Anderson of renowned Jethro Tull.  He soon picked up the sax with a love just as strong.  Gary has played around the world with many amazing  musicians in many different bands. He paints with a simple yet articulate brush to complete the music that he is involved with.  Gary says "I've been playing with Kevin for some years now and I'm loving every minute of it."  
"Gary McArthur, aka Mr. G, blows the sweetest horn, just like Tupelo Honey." KB

Ari Altieri , the groups keyboardist was inspired by The Neville Bros, Tom Waitts and Dr. John. He loves Rock, Funk, Jazz and the Blues and you can hear it in his playing. Besides playing with Wavelength, he also lends his talents to Mojo Hannah and Pel & The Pelicans. He is a valuable asset to all of the bands he performs with.

"Ari's art flies like a butterfly and stings like the keys on his nord."  KB

Ari Altieri

Having played in R&B, Jazz, Fusion, Funk, and  Blues bands over the years has given Paul the chops he so adeptly displays. "I knew  from the very first moment I sat down at a drum kit that it was something I had to do."  With boundless energy he lays down irresistible grooves and his legendary drum solos always amaze and delight audiences. 

"Well it might be superstition, but when I hear him in the night, I say a prayer.  It might be superstition, but there's somethin' going on when Paul Newman plays his snare."  KB

Paul Newman

Rob Christian

Bassist/Vocalist Rob Christian is another local native of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene.  Rob enjoys long walks in the woods, picking on drummers and avoiding getting arrested for bad comedy.  A soulful player with a unique style, he's fun to watch and easy to dance to with a reliable thump and back bump beat.

"Rob is the hidden ace on bass."  KB

Pelham Houchin is a veteran of the S.F. Bay Area music scene since the late 60's. He is a prolific songwriter and an accomplished slide guitarist. He also plays mandolin and bass guitar. He released a solo CD in 2010 titled WTF and another in 2013 with his band, Pel & The Pelicans titled Take Flight. Click or tap on photo to access Pel & The Pelicans website. He says "I'll keep playing music for as long as I can, because that's what I do". He also enjoys the S.J. Sharks NHL games, ocean fishing, metal detecting and helping fellow musicians make records and videos at his Pillar Point Studios. 

"Pel is a master wizard when it comes to anything to do with real music."  KB

Pelham Houchin

Gary McArthur


Grant  Walters has been playing music with Kevin for ten plus years. A harmonica virtuoso, he adds a lot to the sound of the band. He plays soulful solos and belts out horn lines when he's not singing. Founder of the Pacific Coast Dream Machines Entertainment committee and a successful coastside Real Estate Agent, Grant has his hands on the pulse of the  Half Moon Bay community. Voted Favorite Local Musician by the readers of the local newspaper the Half Moon Bay Review two years in a row.  

"Grant is a wise receiver.  Throw him any vibe and he'll catch for another get down.  Well done, Mr. Grant Harpo Doc Walters."  KB

 Grant Walters

Kevin's music career began in his home town of Belfast, Ireland, where during the 1960's he played in a band with Van Morrison called The Great Eight. In 1974 he did a world cruise on the P.O. Cruise Line with his band and continued to tour extensively in Europe and Ireland. He came to the states to the San Francisco Bay Area in the late seventies, and made it his new home. There he formed his own band called Claddagh and played the S.F. club scene for years. He teamed up with Van Morrison again, performing and opening his shows throughout the 80's. He has played at many notable venues such as San Francisco's Great American Music Hall and at the Paul Mason Winery with Van Morrison and the Legendary Irish band The Chieftains. 

Kevin's solo performances are wide ranging from Traditional Irish Folk and contemporary ballads to Americana folk, country and blues. Song and story telling comes naturally to Kevin who has a deep pool of of songs, stories and yarns that he loves to share with his audience. 

Kevin currently has devoted his talents to paying tribute to an old friend and world class performer Van Morrison.  He is supported by a group of top caliber musicians who really enjoy what they do.

​Now let's meet the band.

Kevin Brennan

Wavelength ~ A Van Morrison Tribute